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Is a long-term contract required for service?

Absolutely not. Our services are provided as needed to suit your busy lifestyle. There are no long-term contracts.

What all is included in your cleaning service?

We have been providing professional house cleaning services since 2012 as Spotless Angel Cleaning Services but have over 20 years of professional house and commercial cleaning experience as a TEAM.

Do you furnish the cleaning supplies?

However, if there are cleaning products you would like to use we are more than happy to use them.

Will I have the same cleaning person each visit?

 Yes. You will have the same cleaning professional for each visit unless one is sick but at least one of the two will always be assigned to you. We know how important it is to have someone you know and trust cleaning your home. You will have a team of two cleaners at minimum for each cleaning.

What will it cost to have my home cleaned?

The cost will depend on how large your home is, the condition of the home, and the amount of cleaning required.