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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

Have you been on the fence about hiring a cleaning service for a while? Or maybe you just heard of us today and you’ve never even considered using a cleaning service until now. Either way, before you make a decision we want to make sure that we’re a good fit for your business or family.

At Spotless Angel, we want to find and help everyone that would truly benefit from our service. We know, from first hand experience, owning a business and running a family are time consuming and stressful tasks. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to help you make sure you’re spending your hours and dollars wisely. We’ve put together a list of 4 questions you should ask yourself before you hire a cleaning service.

5 Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Service


Should you hire a cleaning service? It’s a question many families and business owners have asked themselves in an effort to make their lives easier. If you’re thinking about using a cleaning service, consider these 5 reasons so many others have taken the plunge.

1. Reduces Stress

Life is all around pretty hectic for the majority of you. Whether it’s a busy family, a staff and business to look after, or projects around the office, our daily to-dos keep us occupied quite often. A lot of time and energy is spent on these tasks (keeping up with kids practice schedule, handling business matters, finishing that report due tomorrow), leaving little time to tend to the home. Hiring a cleaning service is one less thing to worry about. You can actually relax when you come home, rather than worrying about what else you still have to do.

Never Reorganize Your Home Again

“Make a habit of cleaning a bit every day.”

“It has to be a part of your lifestyle”

“These storage solutions will solve all your problems”

What if these were all lies? What if there were an easier way to get your home in order?

The KonMari Method

According to Author Marie Kondo, you only need to do this once. In her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, Kondo outlines the KonMari method of organizing and decluttering.

This method has gained Kondo a cult like following and results that work. The basic idea of the KonMari method is to only surround yourself with items that “spark joy” in your life. This could mean something different for everyone but the sentiment is very important to the practice.

FREE Summertime Fun!

People who say that our city is boring are just plain wrong. There is so much to do in San Antonio! Now that its summertime family and friends will be looking to get out of the house and enjoy all that our city has to offer. However, heading out to Six Flags or Sea World every day probably isn’t very economical. Luckily, San Antonio has several options for fun that are absolutely free! We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite free activities here in SA.

This park has become one of the city’s hottest spots for staying cool. Located right in the middle of Downtown’s Hemisfair Park, Yanaguana Gardens is a little oasis. Complete with splash pad, playground, sand box and frequently a paletero nearby this park is sure to please the masses. It’s absolutely free to enter the park and enjoy its festivities too! The only thing you may need to worry about is finding parking.

4 Awesome Chore Charts For Kids

While we support the use of a cleaning service to supplement a home’s cleaning service, we definitely don’t think that members of a household shouldn’t be involved in the process. This is especially true when it regards children. It’s vital that children learn and practice positive relationships toward cleaning and taking responsibility for their spaces.

1. ChorePad

Half the battle with setting up a chore schedule is getting kids to step away from their phones, right? ChorePad aims to tackle this barrier by embracing technology. This app has been called “the most comprehensive chore charts out there” by WIRED and has gotten many other praises around the web. With plenty of features, themes, and parental controls, ChorePad is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a new tool for your family.

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It’s safe to say that just about everyone was ready to leave 2020 in the past and start brand new this January. And nothing beats a clean and tidy space when starting fresh in the new year. Our surroundings affect our mood, and any leftover clutter and dust from last year may make it difficult to get in the right headspace. That’s why now is the time to make deep cleaning your home a priority. 


To help get you started, I, along with other experts, from Sacramento, CA to Atlanta, GA, were asked by Redfin to share our best cleaning and organizing tips that you can implement into your routine today. Check out what I had to say!

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