5 Tips To Start Organizing Your Home

So you want to get organized? You’re probably sitting in your home staring at the giant pile of clothes/files/papers/cleaning supplies/toys or whatever it may be and wondering how you’ll ever tackle this beast that is your mess. Well -good news! We’ve got a handy list of tips to get you started in this journey of getting organized. This list is specifically about the head space that you should be in before getting started. You can look forward to more tips and tricks soon.

  1. Motivation!
    If you’re reading this you’re on the right track! You’re taking the first steps necessary to seriously overhauling your organization process at home. Finding the motivation to get started on this kind of project is one of the biggest hurdles many people face. Defining that motivation and making it a driving force behind your goal of an organized home is an important piece of this puzzle. So write down your goals, be specific and make sure you can revisit them whenever you need to. This is where it all starts.
  2. Mindset: Everything has its place.
    That catch all drawer and pile of papers on your desk probably got that way because you simply “didn’t have a place to put it” and that’s okay. Sometimes life comes at you fast and there’s no time to designate a space for things you didn’t expect. However, this type of slip is what allows the one or two papers on the desk to become a mountain of unknown files, statements, and who-knows-what-else. The point here -your mindset is everything.Divert from “I’ll move it later” and move toward “everything has its place”. If you believe everything has a place then you won’t just stick that paper on the desk or those pants on that pile-on chair. Designate every item to a space and keep it there! When you need to use it, make sure you put the item back in its place.
  3. Consistency!
    A common problem for organization within the home when an entire family is involved is consistency. If only one person is actively motivated and keeping a proactive mindset, maintaining organization is going to be a whole lot more difficult. It’s important to get everyone in your family on board with your organization practices. If the whole family is participating then the organization can become sustainable and build itself into your way of life, making everyone’s lives easier!
  4. Having a Plan & Creativity
    It’s easy to just say “I need to get organized” but it’s not easy to actually start that process as we’ve discussed. Being specific about your organization goals and focuses is so important to the success of making this idea stick. If you have a plan that fits within your life you’re ensuring that you won’t just fall off and forget all about organization after a week. Basically, the plan is what is going to set you up for success. There are tons of tips and tricks to get your organizational mind ticking out on the web -many of which we’ll be sharing on this blog! So make sure to check back for more tips but also feel free to get creative and create something that suits your family’s needs specifically!
  5. Flexibility
    Okay, so I know we just spoke about how important that plan is going to be to your success…but we all know that life has a funny way of demolishing our plans sometimes. And that’s OKAY. We just have to be a little bit more flexible and be ready to bounce right back into our plan if we get off track. This is especially important if you’re trying to get your younger ones on board with your organization process. There will be times where you forget, your plan doesn’t work like you thought it would, or it’s simply ignored by some members of your family (lookin’ at you teens!) but that’s no reason to get discouraged. Simply find what’s not working, tweak your plan to better fit your family and get back to it! You got this!

Hopefully after reading these tips you’re feeling a bit more prepared to start tackling your cluttered desk or laundry room. Like we said before we’ll be sharing more tips on this blog often so be sure to check back soon! Good luck!