4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

Have you been on the fence about hiring a cleaning service for a while? Or maybe you just heard of us today and you’ve never even considered using a cleaning service until now. Either way, before you make a decision we want to make sure that we’re a good fit for your business or family.

At Spotless Angel, we want to find and help everyone that would truly benefit from our service. We know, from first hand experience, owning a business and running a family are time consuming and stressful tasks. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to help you make sure you’re spending your hours and dollars  wisely. We’ve put together a list of 4 questions you should ask yourself before you hire a cleaning service.

1. How Much Time Am I Spending on Cleaning?

Let’s really think about this one. How much of your valuable time are you spending cleaning your home/business? According to the Bureau of Labor, Americans spend roughly 45 mins per day cleaning, which comes out to a little less than 5.5 hours per week. That’s 264 hours a year! 11 full 24 hour days spent solely on cleaning your home. And that’s just based on the average for residential cleaning. We know that commercial cleaning is a bit more involved and therefore takes more time. If you’re as busy as most people we know, your hours are precious. If spending your time cleaning is something you enjoy or there’s nothing more urgent for you to take care of, then maybe hiring a cleaning service isn’t a great fit for you. Yes, we know that’s probably bad for business but our goal is to make your life easier -not more complicated! We want what’s best for your family or business. If we wouldn’t be solving a problem for you, then we probably aren’t a good fit…but if you could or perhaps should be spending your time on something more important, what’s stopping you from getting a little help?

2. Am I Worried About Cleaning?

Health Inspection coming up? Planning to have family over more often? These types of events might cause you to be a bit more concerned about cleaning than usual. This expense of mental energy and worrying can actually prevent you from being your sharpest in other aspects of your life. Constantly worrying about if the job is going to get done in time or if it will be done correctly is actually really taxing on the mind. By hiring a cleaning service you’re saving your mind from all that worry and mental stress, freeing you up to tackle bigger projects.

3. Is This An Ongoing Issue?

We’ll keep this one simple. If you’ve considered hiring a cleaning service many times before you’re probably wasting a lot of mental energy and time thinking about this issue of having a clean space. It’s more than likely time to take action.

4. Would This Make My Life Easier?

Like we said before, we want your business only if we’re helping you solve a problem. We care about our customers and want what’s best for them. So last question, plain and simple: “Would outsourcing your housekeeping or office cleaning make your life easier?” Whether that be freeing up employees to focus on their work tasks, allowing your family to take those weekend trips without worrying about housekeeping tasks or simply coming home to a clean house, if any of those scenarios sound like something out of a dream to you, maybe a cleaning service would be a good idea.