4 Awesome Chore Charts For Kids

While we support the use of a cleaning service to supplement a home’s cleaning service, we definitely don’t think that members of a household shouldn’t be involved in the process. This is especially true when it regards children. It’s vital that children learn and practice positive relationships toward cleaning and taking responsibility for their spaces.

1. ChorePad
Half the battle with setting up a chore schedule is getting kids to step away from their phones, right? ChorePad aims to tackle this barrier by embracing technology. This app has been called “the most comprehensive chore charts out there” by WIRED and has gotten many other praises around the web. With plenty of features, themes, and parental controls, ChorePad is definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a new tool for your family.

2. HomeRoutines App
Another phone application coming at you! Technology is powerful and HomeRoutines demonstrates this. Tons of customization tools exist on this handy chore management tool. Kids are able to update their progress with specific tasks without ever having to leave the comfort of their iPhone!

3. Age Appropriate
Obviously we love the idea of utilizing the power of technology, but there’s something to be said for a good old fashioned paper chart. Especially this age specific chart we found on Living Well Spending Less. This allows children of all ages to find chores that best suit their abilities and mark their progress.

4. Picture Version

Another solid chart from Living Well Spending Less is their picture version! This one is great for younger kids  who may be more visual or haven’t yet mastered reading. Printable and easily applicable for any home!

These charts a great starting points for any family looking to get organized and start getting their family on a schedule that isn’t a drag!

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